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Being and Becoming - Official Trailer

Class Dismissed - Official Trailer

Homeschool Support Group

Little Bluestem is a homeschool cooperative and support group providing creative alternative education options to families located in and around Carbondale, Illinois.  


Little Bluestem assists families who are homeschooling PK - 8.

Our families use a variety of curriculum models including Steiner/Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and Reggio Emilia.


Our unique progressive model provides scaffolded support. Children enjoy having mixed age classes with a variety of teachers; parents enjoy flexible scheduling and the freedom to design their own school year, while letting each child learn at his/her own pace. Families can also access our extensive curriculum Lending Library.


Already homeschooling -- or thinking of starting -- and would like to hear more about what we have to offer, or join our group? Please join our mailing list to find out about our next event, or follow Renee's blog to see what's happening in the classroom.

We encourage all homeschoolers in the Southern Illinois area to network and share their group events with one another by posting them on the Homeschool Without Borders online calendar.

We also manage the local Facebook group Waldorf Project for Southern Illinois.  Please join us there if you use Facebook!

As a strong supporter of the Waldorf play-based kindergarten, all our early childhood years are non-academic.  For some articles on this, we highly recommend the Parent Enrichment Reading List put together by The Waldorf School of Mendocino County.   

We use a combination of Waldorf and Montessori methods for those students age 7+ who meet each week in our classroom: End of Year Narrative Addendum - Little Bluestem Philosophy (PDF).

Here is our extensive Montessori Curriculum Materials Inventory

2022 Film Screening at the Carbondale Public Library:

Being and Becoming (April 9)

2021-2022 Parent Book Groups:

2020-2021 Parent Book Groups:

2019-2020 Parent Book Group:


2019 Summer Camps:

"Housebuilding: A World Tour" (June 3 - 14)

"Ancient Civilizations" (August 12 - 23)

2019 Film Screening at the Longbranch Bakery:

Class Dismissed: A Film About Learning Outside of the Classroom

2018-2019 Parent Book Groups:

2018 Summer Activities:

Picnic & Play for Early Childhood; Summer Camps for the Grades

"The Human Body" (June 18 - 29)  

"Wonderful Houses Around the World" (August 6 - 10) 

2018 Film Screening at the Carbondale Public Library:

Class Dismissed: A Film About Learning Outside of the Classroom

2017-2018 Parent Book Group:

2017 Summer Camp:  "From Lava to Life" (June 12 - 23)

Guest Speaker, June 15:  Dr. Scott Hamilton-Brehm

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