Wet-on-Dry Watercolor Painting
Creating the shape of a seal by painting the watery environment around it
Science Club
Owl pellet dissection
Hands-On Materials
The beautiful interactive Rock Cycle Mat from Waseca Biomes
Biome Map of the World
Understanding the world through biomes before the introduction of Political Maps
Math Gnomes, Silks, Gems
Green is Farmer Plus, Blue is Mr. Minus, Yellow is Tommy Times, Red is Mr. Divide
Montessori Checkerboard
A hands-on dynamic way to learn and understand the steps in long multiplication
Physics:  Simple Machines
As part of our main lesson, we disassemble a bike to find the simple machines in it
Hula Hoop Loom
Weaving the layers of the Earth
Sensory play in the mud pit on a hot summer day
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